Aerogarden Reviews | AeroGarden Pro 100

AeroGarden Pro 100


The AeroGarden Pro 100 has all of the best features of the original AeroGarden, but upgraded, and with new features!  You can easily grow fresh herbs, great tasting peppers, lettuce and tomatoes right in your own kitchen or living room.  The AeroGarden Pro 100 allows plants to grow 50% faster than the standard AeroGarden.  You will also be able to grow plants 5x faster than you can grow them in soil.

The AeroGarden Pro is self-monitoring, which creates the perfect environment for growing various plants.  It also includes alert systems, telling you when to add the nutrients and water.  It is controlled by a microprocessor, which automatically adjusts the amount of light the plants receive, as well as how much of the nutrients are delivered at each stage.

Other additions to the AeroGarden Pro 100 include brushed stainless acceents and it includes the Gourmet Herb Seed Kit and grow bulbs.